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River Moriston.


Chris Dickinson, Level 5 Coach, is an incredibly experienced coach and has made first descents around the world especially in the Highlands. Whatever level you are at, in river kayak, sea kayak, or open canoe, Chris will help you to progress with hard skills, strategies, confidence and judgement. Sign up now. Let's do this!

White Water Kayaking - Dam Releases  Summer 2022

Highland Kayak School

Dam Release Dates


River Garry 0800 onwards

May Sat 21, Thurs 26 ,

June Thurs 2,9,16 and 23  

July Sat 2  

August Thurs 11, Sat 13 , Thurs 18, 25, Sat 27 

September Thurs 1st, Sunday 11,  Thurs 15,22,29. 

October Thurs 6, 13, 20  END.

Moriston  1st May to 31 October, 1100 hours every Tuesday until dark except on weeks where the following releases are scheduled.

Saturday 21 May starting at 05:00 continuing for 29 hours                                    

Saturday 04 June starting at 09:00 continuing for 29 hours                                                                      

Saturday 13 August starting at 09:00 continuing for 29 hours                                                              

Saturday 20 August starting at 09:00 continuing for 29 hours                                                              

Saturday 27 August starting at 09:00 continuing for 29 hours                                                                      

Saturday 10 September starting at 05:00 continuing for 29 hours

Scottish Highland dam releases.  Guaranteed great white water, all summer long.  The Northern Highlands are home to the best two dam release rivers in the country, the Garry and the Moriston. Chris Dickinson is Scotland’s longest served top level coach operating today, with the experience of river descents all over the world including first descents in Ecuador, Nepal and Scotland. Chris will take you for a skill development and/or guided descent of any of the following . His luxury home base, with drying facilities and outdoor hot tub is just 30 minutes from the Garry and 15 minutes from the Moriston.  You can enrol for a 3 hour  session or a full day session on the section(s) of your choice.  Chris is happy to work with one paddler or two and on special request with 4.  Bear in mind the coach input for a group of four means less focus on you.   If in doubt chat with Chris about your experience and aspirations.  The release dates can be seen above.  Chris is available for any of these dates.  You bring your own boat etc. All sessions can include video coaching if appropriate.


Cost of 3 hour sessions Garry or Moriston is 1 person £100; 2 pax £120; 3 or 4 pax £150

Cost of day session Garry or Moriston is 1 person £200; 2 pax £240; 3 or 4 pax £300

Cost for loan of boat, skirt, paddle 3 hours £25, full day £35

Accommodation is also available at a special rate for paddlers including dinner and breakfast of £50

The RIVER GARRY is a one of a kind grade 3+ run with many fine and varied rapids all situated in the short and spectacular upper section above and just below White Bridge. The water release gives solid, even pushy water that is perfect for developing all your white water kayak skills. If you are a grade 2, aspiring grade three, paddler then this is the river  for you. If you are a solid grade 3 paddler and want to move to the next level this is also the river for you.  If you want to develop some playboating skills, surfing and hole riding, stern squirts, this is also the river for you.  You can manage this without a solid roll. Swims are generally safe.


The RIVER MORISTON is a river with four sections. 

Upper 14kms Grade  1(2) a scenic and interesting half or full day river trip available EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR and suitable for beginner kayakers and paddlers wan ting to develop river skills in open canoe. 

The “Top” is a grade 4-4+ set of breath-taking rapids and waterfalls. You need solid grade 3 plus skills to take this on. You ideally need a roll ready, just in case! This river drops like a stone from the get go. This river is the definition of grade 4. Learn to read critical lines, boof drops, power through holes and hit tight eddies. There are still a couple of fun play spots thrown in. For most it is a creek boat run.


The ”Middle” is a grade 2+(3+) run with varied rapids, great for grade 2 paddlers wanting to progress. Ideal for river reading, eddy work and indeed all the key manouevres on white water. Grade 3 paddlers will also enjoy learning to lead and refine skills on this run. You can manage this without a roll.


The “Lower” is a meaty gorge run, quite short, just five rapids in fact, but what rapids. It is grade 4 territory and the second rapid is touching grade 5. Learn the skills of inspection, running tight lines and the thrill of big committing gorge rapids. Paddler must have a working roll for this section.


Requests from Open Canoeists or to be guided on other Highlands runs like Spean, Findhorn, Roy, Meig, Orchy, Etive and Orchy can also be considered.  Get in touch to make a plan for you and your friends. We can also to sea kayak days and expeditions and provide sea kayaks or canoes for you.


To Book.  Email Chris at or call him on 01320340322.

You should give a summary of name, age, sex, white water level, 5 best sections you have run, the reliability of your roll( if any) in percentage and  describe your boat and paddle. State also what your key development aims are. This helps Chris tailor an appropriate experience for you.

All coaching sessions must be paid for at time of booking by bank transfer. 

Cancellation policy is:  More than20 days 90% refunded, 7 days 60% refunded, less than 7 no refund.

In event of cancellation by provider, full refund guaranteed.

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